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1. April

Abatuar  / Perversiones De Muerte PutrefactalAbatuar

black/death metal


3. April

Neuntoter  / Stench to StenchNeuntoter-band

death metal, grindcore


4. April

Inferno  / Gnosis Kardiasinferno-gnosis-kardias

black metal


5. April

A Lie Nation  / Begin HateBegin-Hate

melodic black metal

Hyaena / ExistenceHyaena-band

progressive metal, death metal

Katharos XIII / NegativityKatharos-XIII-band

black metal

TreyHarsh / When The Sun Sets In The EastTreyHarsh

sludge metal


7. April

Hellkeeper / A World Within FleshHellkeeper

black metal, harcore

Dead by April / Worlds CollideDead-by-April-Worlds-Collide

metalcore, alternative metal, post-hardcore

Deep Purple / InfiniteDeep-Purple-Infinite

hard rock, heavy metal, blues rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock (early)

Reflection / Bleed Babylon BleedReflection-band

epic metal

Arthemis / Blood-Fury-DominationArthemis

power metal,heavy metal, thrash metal

Sinheresy / Dominosinheresy

symphonic metal

Sunless Sky / DoppelgängerSunlessSky

power metal

Extremity / Extremely Fucking DeadExtremity

death metal

The Doomsday Kingdom / The Doomsday Kingdomthe-doomsday-kingdom

doom metal

Wear Your Wounds / WYWWear-Your-Wounds-WYW

post-metal, experimental rock

Jesters Of Destiny< / The Sorrows That Refuse To DrownJesters-Of-Destiny

heavy metal, hard rock, psychedelic rock, alternative metal

Azarath / In ExtremisAzarath

death metal, black metal

Sigil / Kingdom Of The GraveSigil-band

death metal

Anewrage / Life-Related SymptomsAnewrage

alternative metal

The Obsessed / SacredThe-Obsessed

heavy metal, doom metal, stoner rock

The Crawling / Anatomy Of LossThe-Crawling

death/doom metal

The Sarcophagus / Beyond This World’s IllusionThe-Sarcophagus

black metal

Dragony / Lords Of The HuntDragony

melodic power metal

Trial / Motherlesstrial_-_motherless

heavy metal

NervoChaos / NyctophiliaNervoChaos

death metal

Spitefuel / Second To NoneSpitefuel

heavy metal, hard rock

Witchapter / SpellcasterWitchapter

doom metal, sludge metal, swamp metal

Basement Torture Killings / There’s Something About BerylTheres-Someting-About-Beryl-Album-Cover

death metal, grindcore

Demon Head / Thunder On The FieldsDemon-Head

doom metal, hard rock

Virulent Depravity / Fruit of the Poisoned TreeVirulent-Depravity

technical death metal


12. April

Karma Zero / MonstersKarma-Zero

deathcore, metalcore

Imindain / The Enemy of Fetters and the Dweller in the WoodsImindain

death/doom metal


13. April

Funeral Tears / Beyond The HorizonFuneral-Tears

funeral doom metal


14. April

Of The Sun / Before A Human PathOf-The-Sun

progressive metal, groove metal

Dimmu Borgir / Forces Of The Northern Night – Double DVDDimmu-Borgir-Forces-Of-The-Northern-Night

symphonic black metal

Epi-Demic / Malformed ConscienceEpi-Demic

thrash metal, crossover

Sailing To Nowhere / Lost in TimeSailing_To_Nowhere

melodic power metal, hard rock

Voltax / No Retreat…You SurrenderVoltax

heavy metal

Dreaming Awake / Friction LivesDreaming-Awake

post-hardcore, progressive metalcore

Novembers Doom / HamartiaNovembers-Doom-Hamartia

death/doom, progressive metal

Longhouse / II: VanishingLonghouse

doom metal, sludge metal

Lacerta / Lacertalacerta-band

death metal, grindcore

Corroded / Defcon ZeroCorroded-Defcon-Zero

heavy metal, hard rock, alternative metal, post-grunge

Buckshot Facelift / Ulcer IslandBuckshot-Facelift

deathgrind, powerviolence

Naudiz / Wulfasa KunjaNaudiz

black metal

The Dead Rabbitts / This Emptinessthe-dead-rabbitts-this-emptiness-2017

metalcore, experimental metal, post-hardcore

Enterprise Earth / EmbodimentEnterprise-Earth


Infernäl Mäjesty / No GodInfernäl

thrash metal

Necrowretch / Satanic SlaveryNecrowretch

death metal

Oranssi Pazuzu / Kevät/VärimyrskyOranssi_Pazuzu

black metal, psychedelic rock, space rock

Thobbe Englund / Before The StormThobbe-Englund

heavy metal, power metal, rock

Craven Idol / The Shackles Of MammonCraven_Idol

black metal, thrash metal

Lich King / The OmniclasmLich_King

thrash metal

Pyriphlegethon / The Murky Black of Eternal NightPyriphlegethon

black metal

All Hell / The Grave AlchemistAll_Hell

black metal, thrash metal, rock and roll, wave black metal, dark punk, deathrock

Loathe / The Cold SunLoathe

post-hardcore, progressive metal

Nightbringer / Terra DamnataNightbringer

black metal

Ninjaspy / SpükenNinjaspy

progressive metal, hardcore, experimental


15. April

Altar of Betelgeuze  / Among the RuinsAltar_of_Betelgeuze

doom/death, stoner metal

Dante’s Theory / Amut (EP 2017)Dante's_Theory

death metal, groove metal, progressive metal

Moonlight Prophecy / Eternal OblivionMoonlight_Prophecy

progressive metal, thrash metal, neoclassical metal


17. April

Avulsed / Night of the Living Deathgenerations (2-CD+DVD)Avulsed

death metal


april 20, 2017

The Projectionist / Exalted SolitudeThe_Projectionist

black metal

isharmony / The Abyss NoirDisharmony-The-Abyss-Noir

heavy metal, doom metal


21. April

Labÿrinth / Architecture Of A GodLabÿrinth

power metal, progressive metal

Nothing Left / Destroy and RebuildNothing_Left

hardcore, metalcore

Cryonic Temple / Into The Glorious Battlecryonic_temple-into_the_glorious_battle

heavy metal, power metal

Foreseen / Grave DangerForeseen

thrash metal, crossover

Disbelief / The Symbol of DeathDisbelief

death metal, doom metal

Ghost Bath / StarmournerGhost_Bath

depressive black metal, atmospheric black metal, blackgaze

Heiress / Restless AimHeiress

sludge metal, post-metal

Jotnar / Connected/CondemnedJotnar

melodic death metal, alternative metal, groove metal

Green Meteor / Consumed by a Dying Sungreen-meteor

stoner rock, sludge, doom metal, psychedelic rock

Moonbow / War Bearmoonbow-war-bear

stoner rock, stoner metal

Tehom / The Merciless LightTehom

death metal

Mortiis / The Great Corruptermortiis

industrial rock, dark ambient, black metal

Dynfari / The Four Doors of the MindDynfari

post-rock, black metal, avant-garde

Vampire / With Primeval ForceVampire

death metal, thrash metal

Game Over / Blessed Are The HereticsGame_Over

thrash metal

Mortör / Burn Up The DeadMortör

death metal, thrash metal

Dystopia / Chaos PhilosophorumDystopia

thrash Metal, black metal

Night Demon / Darkness RemainsNight_Demon

heavy metal

Mish / EntheogenMish

progressive metal

Farsot / Fail·LureFarsot_-_faillure

black metal

Ferndal / FerndalFerndal

melodic black metal

Mallevs Maleficarvm / Homo Homini LupusMallevs_Maleficarvm

melodic black metal

Vomit Remnants / Hyper Groove BrutalityVomit_Remnants

brutal death metal

Artificial Brain / Infrared HorizonArtificial_Brain

technical death metal

Uneven Structure / La PartitionUneven_Structure

progressive metal, djent, post-metal, ambient

Celestial Grave / PvtrefactioCelestial_Grave

black metal

Profanity / The Art Of SicknessProfanity

death metal

Axel Rudi Pell / The Ballads VAxel_Rudi_Pell

heavy metal, power metal

Your Chance to Die / Ex NihiloYour_Chance_to_Die_Ex_Nihilo

melodic death metal, metalcore

While She Sleeps / You Are WeWhile_She_Sleeps


With Our Arms to the Sun / You Are WeOrenda



22. April

Enisum / Seasons of DesolationEnisum

black metal


24. April

Bullet-Proof / Foresaken OneBullet-Proof

heavy metal, thrash metal

Soulrot / Nameless Hideous ManifestationsSoulrot

death metal

Morbid Flesh / Rites of the MangledMorbid_Flesh

death metal


25. April

Dodsritual / Under Sort SolDodsritual

black metal


27. April

Cult of Erinyes / TiberivsCult_of_Erinyes

black metal


28. April

Life of Agony / A Place Where There’s No More PainLife_of_Agony

alternative metal, heavy metal, alternative rock, hard rock

Vandroya / Beyond The Human MindVandroya

heavy metal, progressive metal

Metal Church / Classic Livemetalchurchclassiclive

heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal, power metal

Pyramaze / ContingentPyramaze

power metal

Sarcasm / Within the Sphere of Ethereal MindsSarcasm

death metal

Firespawn / The ReprobateFirespawn

death metal

Mammoth Mammoth / Mount The MountainMAMMOTH-MAMMOTH-Mount-The-Mountain

stoner rock, stoner metal

Elephant Bell / Gates of DawnElephant_Bell

stoner rock, stoner metal

Noumena / MyrrysNoumena

melodic death metal

Crypt Rot / Embryonic DevilsCrypt_Rot

death metal

Aborted Fetus / The Art of Violent TortureAborted_Fetus

brutal death metal

MindMaze / ResolveMindMaze

power metal

Wolfpakk / Wolves ReignWolfpakk

heavy metal

Barathrum / FanatikoBarathrum

black/doom metal

A Killer’s Confession / UnbrokenA_Killers_Confession

industrial metal, alternative metal, nu metal

All That Remains / MadnessATRMadness

metalcore, melodic metalcore, heavy metal, melodic death metal

Ayreon / The SourceAyreon

progressive metal, progressive rock,  power metal, experimental rock

Skyclad / Forward into the PastSkyclad

folk metal, thrash metal


30. April

Deus Otiosus / OpposerDeus_Otiosus

death metal, thrash metal


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