heavy metal albums – june 2017



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heavy metal albums – june 2017


2. June

Adrenaline Mob  / We the PeopleAdrenaline-Mob-We-the-People

heavy metal, alternative metal, hard rock

DGM / Passing Stages (live album)DGM-Passing-Stages

progressive metal, power metal

Eighteen Visions / XVIIIeighteenvisions-XVIII

alternative metal, post-hardcore, metalcore

Elder / Reflections of a Floating WorldAlbumcover-Elder

stoner rock, doom metal, progressive rock

Gloom / SolarisGloom-Solaris

death metal

Gravetemple / Impassable FearsGravetemple-Impassable-Fear

drone metal, experimental

Great White / Full CircleGreat-White-album-cover

hard rock, heavy metal

Green Death / Pure Torturegreen-death-pure-torture

heavy metal, thrash metal

Ikillya / War for an IdeaIkillya-War-for-an-Idea-Cover

thrash metal, groove metal, metalcore

Jorn / Life on Death RoadJorn-Life-on-Death-Road

heavy metal, progressive rock

Miss May I / Shadows InsideMiss-May-I-Shadows-Inside

metalcore, melodic metalcore

The One Hundred / Chaos + BlissThe-One-Hundred-Chaos-+-Bliss

nu metal, metalcore, grime metal

Phobia / Lifeless GodPhobia-Lifeless-God

grindcore, crust punk

Secret Sphere / The Nature of TimeSecret-Sphere-The-Nature-of-time

power metal, symphonic metal

Sikth / The Future in Whose Eyes?Sikth-The-Future-in-Whose

progressive metal, mathcore, avant-garde metal

Tankard / One Foot in the GraveTankard-One-Foot-in-the-Grave

folk metal, alternative metal

Tengger Cavalry / Die on My RideTengger-Cavalry-Die-on-My-Ride

melodic death metal, folk metal

Unleash the Archers / ApexApex

power metal, melodic death metal, speed metal

Vallenfyre / Fear Those Who Fear HimVallenfyre

death metal, death-doom

Wednesday 13 / CondolencesWednesday-13-Condolences

horror punk, heavy metal, gothic metal, hardcore punk, glam metal, glam punk, outlaw country

6. June

Walpyrgus / Walpyrgus NightsWalpyrgus-Walpyrgus-Nights

hard rock, heavy metal

Dawn of Ashes / Daemonolatry GnosisDawn-of-Ashes-Daemonolatry-Gnosis

industrial metal, black metal, extreme metal

Suffocation / …Of the Dark LightSuffocation-Of-the-Dark-Light

technical death metal

Svartsyn / In DeathSvartsyn-In-Death

black metal

Volumes / Different AnimalsVolumes-Different-Animals

metalcore, djent, groove metal

White Skull / Will of the StrongWhite-Skull-Will-of-the-Strong

power metal

16. June

Carach Angren / Dance and Laugh Amongst the RottenCarach-Angren-Dance...

symphonic black metal

CKY / The PhoenixCKY-The-Phoenix

alternative metal, stoner metal, post-grunge, skate punk

Dead Head / Swine PlagueDead-Head-Swine-Plague

thrash metal

Iced Earth / IncorruptibleIced-Earth

heavy metal, power metal, thrash metal

Tombs / The Grand AnnihilationTombs-The-Grand-Annihilatio

black metal, post-metal

Wizard / Fallen KingsWizard-Fallen-Kings

epic power metal

23. June

Bison / You Are Not the Ocean You Are the Patientbison-you-are-not-the-ocean

heavy metal, sludge metal

Broken Hope / Mutilated and AssimilatedBroken-Hope-Mutilated-and...

death metal

Desultory / Through Aching AeonsDesultory-Cover

death metal

Dying Fetus / Wrong One to Fuck WithDying-Fetus-Wrong-One...

brutal death metal, grindcore

Goatwhore / Vengeful AscensionGoatwhore-Vengeful-Ascension

blackened death metal, thrash metal

Municipal Waste / Slime and PunishmentMunicipal-Waste-Slime...

thrash metal, crossover

Tarja / An Empty DreamTarja-An-Empty-Dream

symphonic metal

30. June

The Acacia Strain / GravebloomThe-Acacia-Strain-Gravebloom

deathcore, metalcore

Cellar Darling / This Is The SoundCellar-Darling-This-Is-The-Sound

folk rock, folk metal

Origin / Unparalleled UniverseOrigin-Unparalleled-Universe

technical death metal

Stone Sour / HydrogradStone-Sour-Hydrograd

alternative metal, heavy metal, hard rock

Sworn In / All SmilesSworn-In-All-Smiles


Vintersorg / Till Fjälls, Del IIVintersorg

viking metal, folk metal, progressive metal


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