Heavy metal albums September 2017


below list new metal albums released in September 2017, you can see videos playlist

heavy metal albums September 2017

01. September

Anubis Gate  / Covered in BlackAnubis-Gate

progressive metal, power metal

Botanist  / Collective: The Shape of He to ComeBotanist-Collective

black metal, avant-garde metal, post-metal

Epica  / The Solace System (EP)

symphonic metal

Motörhead  / Under Cöver

heavy metal, rock and roll, hard rock, speed metal

Paradise Lost  / ComeParadise-Lost-Medusa

gothic metal, doom metal, death-doom, gothic rock, electronic rock, synth-pop

Rosetta  / UtopioidRosetta-Utopioid

gothic metal, doom metal, death-doom, gothic rock, electronic rock, synth-pop

Septicflesh / Codex OmegaSepticflesh-Codex-Omega

symphonic death metal, melodic death metal, gothic metal, death-doom (early)

Subterranean Masquerade / VagabondSubterranean

progressive metal, avant-garde metal, experimental rock

08. September

Arch Enemy  / Will to PowerArch-EnemyWill-to-Power

melodic death metal

Cannabis Corpse  / Left Hand Passcannabiscorpselefthandpass

death metal

Lionize  / Nuclear SoulLionize-Nuclear-Soul

hard rock, stoner rock, reggae rock, dub, funk metal, alternative metal

Living Colour  / ShadeLiving-Colour-Shade

rock, hard rock, funk metal, alternative metal

Lynch Mob  / The BrotherhoodLynch-Mob-The-Brotherhood

heavy metal, hard rock, glam metal

Stray from the Path  / Only Death Is RealStray-from-the-Path

metalcore, hardcore punk, nu metal

Threshold  / Legends of the ShiresLegends-of-the-Shires

progressive metal

13. September

Galneryus  / Ultimate SacrificeGalneryus

power metal, neoclassical metal

15. September

Belphegor  / TotenritualBelphegor

blackened death metal

Caligula’s Horse  / In ContactCaligulas-Horse

progressive metal, progressive rock

The Contortionist  / ClairvoyantThe-Contortionist-Clairvoyant

progressive metal, avant-garde metal, djent, deathcore (early)

Cripper  / Follow Me: Kill!Cripper-FollowMeKill

thrash metal

Ensiferum  / Two PathsEnsiferum

folk metal, melodic death metal, viking metal

Fleshkiller  / Awakenawaken

progressive death metal, extreme metal, christian metal

Myrkur  / MareridtMyrkur-Mareridt

black metal, gothic metal

Nothing More  / The Stories We Tell OurselvesNothing_More

hard rock, alternative metal, progressive metal, progressive rock

Prophets of Rage  / Prophets of RageProphets-of-Rage

rap rock, rap metal

Soil  / Scream: The EssentialsSoil-Scream

alternative metal, hard rock, nu metal

Vattnet  / Vattnetvattnet

black metal, post-metal, blackgaze, doom metal

22. September

Archspire  / Relentless MutationArchspire-Relentless-Mutati

technical death metal

Chelsea Wolfe  / Hiss Spunchelsea-wolfe-hiss-spun

folk, gothic rock, doom metal, experimental

Counterparts / You’re Not You Anymorecounterparts

metalcore, melodic hardcore, hardcore punk

Cradle of Filth / Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of DecayCradle_of_Filth,_Cryptorian

extreme metal

Devilish Impressions / The Idevilish

black metal, avant-garde metal, death metal

Diablo Blvd / Zero HourDiablo-Blvd-Zero-Hour

heavy metal, hard rock

Kauan / KaihoKauan-Kaiho

folk metal, black metal, doom metal, ambient, post-rock, neofolk

King Parrot / Ugly ProduceKing-Parrot-Ugly-Produce


Lonewolf / Raised on MetalLonewolf

heavy metal, speed metal

Mastodon / Cold Dark Placecold-dark-place

progressive metal, sludge metal, stoner rock, alternative metal

Matt Cameron / CavedwellerMatt-Cameron

alternative metal, grunge, alternative rock, heavy metal, hard rock

Monarch / Never ForeverNeverForever

drone metal, sludge metal

Otherwise / Sleeping Lionsotherwise-sleepinglions

hard rock, alternative rock, alternative metal

Satyricon / Deep Calleth Upon Deepsatyricon-deep-calleth-upon

black metal (early), heavy metal, black ‘n’ roll (later)

Sons of Texas / Forged in FortitudeSons-of-Texas

groove metal, southern metal, alternative metal

Ufomammut / 8Ufomammut

stoner metal, sludge metal, drone metal

With the Dead / Love from With the DeadWith-the-Dead

doom metal, stoner metal, sludge metal

Wolves in the Throne Room  / Thrice WovenWolves-in-the-Throne-Room

black metal, dark ambient


29. September

36 Crazyfists  / Lanterns36-Crazyfists-Lanterns

metalcore, alternative metal, nu metal

Act of Defiance  / Old Scars, New WoundsAct-of-Defiance

thrash metal, speed metal, melodic death metal

Emil Bulls  / Kill Your DemonsEmil-Bulls

alternative metal, alternative rock, nu metal, hard rock

Jag Panzer  / The Deviant ChordJag-Panzer

heavy metal, power metal, speed metal

Kublai Khan  / NomadKublai-Khan-Nomad

metalcore, hardcore punk

Loincloth  / Psalm of the Morbid WhoreLoincloth

heavy metal

Nocturnal Rites  / Phoenixnocturnalritesphoenix

power metal

Primus  / The Desaturating Sevenprimus-the-desaturating-seven

experimental rock, funk metal, alternative rock, progressive rock, alternative metal

Propagandhi  / Victory LapPropaghandi-Victory-Lap

punk rock, heavy metal

Tetrarch  / FreakTetrarch-Freak

metalcore, thrash metal, melodic hardcore

UFO  / The Salentino CutsUFO-The-Salentino-Cuts

hard rock, heavy metal, space rock (early years)

Unsane  / SterilizeUnsane-Sterilize

noise rock, post-hardcore, alternative metal



heavy metal albums September 2017



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