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After the presentation of the Judas Priest timeline, you can also listen to the playlist of videos from the period 1980 – 1990.


British Steel saw the band reprise the commercial sound they had established on Killing Machine.

This time, they abandoned some of the dark lyrical themes which had been prominent in their previous releases, but some of it still remains.

In a June 2017 appearance on Sirius radio podcast “Rolling Stone Music Now,” Rob Halford said the band may have been inspired by AC/DC on some tracks after supporting them on a European tour in 1979.

British Steel was recorded at Tittenhurst Park, home of former Beatle Ringo Starr, a recording studio located on Tittenhurst’s grounds, after a false start at Startling Studios in December 1979.

It is the first Judas Priest album to feature drummer Dave Holland.

The album was remastered in 2001 with two bonus tracks added. Bonus studio track “Red, White, and Blue” was written in the sessions for the Twin Turbos album (which would become Turbo) and recorded at Compass Point Studios in Nassau in July 1985. The second bonus track, a live performance of “Grinder”, was recorded on 5 May 1984, in Los Angeles during the Defenders of the Faith tour.

single from the album – British Steel
”Living After Midnight”
– released: 21 March 1980
Living After Midnight
Delivering the Goods (live)

singles from the album – British Steel
”Breaking the Law”
– released: 23 May 1980
1. United
2. Grinder

studio album
British Steel
– released: 14 April 1980

single from the album – British Steel
– released: 15 August 1980
1. United
2. Grinder

music videos:
“Living After Midnight”
“Breaking the Law”

full album British Steel; Living After Midnight and Breaking the Law music videos:

  • Rapid Fire 00:00
  • Metal Gods 04:07
  • Breaking The Law 08:07
  • Grinder 10:43
  • United 14:42
  • You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise 18:17
  • Living After Midnight 23:22
  • The Rage 26:53
  • Steeler 31:37
  • Red, White & Blue [Bonus] 36:08
  • Grinder [Bonus-Live] 39:51
  • Rob Halford – vocals
  • K. K. Downing – lead guitar
  • Glenn Tipton – rhythm guitar
  • Ian Hill – bass guitar
  • Dave Holland – drums


Following the conclusion of the British Steel World Tour, the band began work on their next project. By this time, they had sufficient funds to fly all their equipment to the huge, state-of-the-art Ibiza Studios in Spain. This gave Point Of Entry a louder, stronger, more “live” sound than previous Judas Priest albums.

The album was remastered in 2001, with two bonus tracks added, a live version of “Desert Plains” and “Thunder Road”, a track from the Ram It Down sessions.

In the booklet of the Remastered CD, the band states:
“Recorded on the island of Ibiza with multiple distractions, glorious sunshine, and extremely low-cost alcohol, this album was regarded with mixed feelings because it was different from what people expected. The album was nearly all spontaneously written and performed in Ibiza – it was an experiment in the sense that before this we had already written the majority of the songs before going into the studio.”

single from the album – Point of Entry
”Heading Out to the Highway”
– released: 1981
1. Heading Out to the Highway
2. Rock Forever (live)
3. Hell Bent for Leather (live)

single from the album – Point of Entry
”Hot Rockin”
– released: 1981
1. Hot Rockin’
2. Breaking the Law (live)

single from the album – Point of Entry
”Don’t Go”
– released: February 1981
1. Don’t Go
2. Solar Angels

studio album
Point of Entry
– released: 26 February 1981

music videos:
“Don’t Go”
“Heading Out to the Highway”
“Hot Rockin'”

full album Point of Entry; music video Hot Rockin’; Don’t Go:

  • Heading Out To The Highway 00:00
  • Don't Go 03:46
  • Hot Rockin' 07:03
  • Turning Circles 10:18
  • Desert Plains 13:57
  • Solar Angels 18:28
  • You Say Yes 22:30
  • All The Way 25:54
  • Troubleshooter 29:32
  • On The Run 33:29
  • Rob Halford – vocals
  • K. K. Downing – guitar
  • Glenn Tipton – guitar
  • Ian Hill – bass guitar
  • Dave Holland – drums


Stylistically, Screaming for Vengeance showcased a harder, heavier sound than British Steel and saw the band quickly reverse direction back into straight heavy rock after the melodically styled direction of Point of Entry.

The album also marks the first time a Priest drummer played on more than 2 Judas Priest albums, with Dave Holland having also played on British Steel and Point of Entry.

The album’s most commercially successful track, the single “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'”, was a last-minute addition.

According to guitarist K. K. Downing, “We were quite happy with the album but decided late on that we could add one more song. I know we had some of the parts, but we set about completing “Another Thing Comin'” during the mixing sessions at Bee Jay studios. It came together quite quickly, and I seem to remember that we all had a good feeling about it, as it did sound like a good driving song and possibly a good radio track.”

Rob Halford expressed surprise at the song’s success, saying “that track was buried. Normally the tracks you think are going to do stuff are at the front end of the release. But our friends at Sony said, ‘We’re going to go for this song.’ And we didn’t really know what was going on. But then the feedback was coming over: ‘Hey, the record’s buzzing in this town and that town,’ and it just took off.”

Screaming for Vengeance was released on 17 July 1982, with a remastered CD version released in May 2001. As of the album’s 30th anniversary in 2012, it remains the top-selling release of Judas Priest’s career.

studio album
Screaming for Vengeance
– released: 17 July 1982

single from the album – Screaming for Vengeance
”(Take These) Chains”
– released: 1982
1. (Take These) Chains
2. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

music video:
“You’ve Got Another Thing Comin”

single from the album – Screaming for Vengeance
”You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'”
– released: August 1982
1. You’ve Got Another Thing
2. Comin’
3. Exciter (live)

single from the album – Screaming for Vengeance
”Electric Eye”
– released: 1982


full album Screaming For Vengeance; music video You’ve Got Another Thing Comin`:

  • The Hellion 00:00
  • Electric Eye 00:40
  • Riding On The Wind 04:19
  • Bloodstone 07:30
  • (Take This) Chains 11:23
  • Pain And Pleasure 14:31
  • Screaming For Vengeance 18:46
  • You've Got Another Thing Comin' 23:30
  • Fever 28:40
  • Devil's Child 34:01
  • Prisoner Of Your Eyes [bonus] 38:52
  • Devil's Child [bonus] (live) 46:05
  • Rob Halford – vocals
  • Glenn Tipton – lead guitar
  • K. K. Downing – rhythm guitar
  • Ian Hill – bass
  • Dave Holland – drums


Priest continued their success through the mid-1980s. “Freewheel Burning”, released in 1983, was a regular on rock radio.

single from the album – Defenders of the Faith
”Freewheel Burning”
– released: December 1983
1. Freewheel Burning
2. Breaking the Law (Live)
3. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ (Live)

video album:
Judas Priest Live
– released: 1983
format: VHS


Stylistically, Defenders of the Faith did not greatly depart from its predecessor and contained the same mix of short, up-tempo metal anthems with stadium shout-along choruses, although progressive elements returned on some tracks such as “The Sentinel” and the album also introduced some hints of speed metal into their sound.

The album was an immediate success, only going one spot below Screaming for Vengeance on the US Billboard 100 Albums Chart. Some critics nonetheless objected to the lack of a standout single comparable to “Breaking the Law” or “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ and the album’s general similarity to Screaming for Vengeance.

studio album
Defenders of the Faith
– released: 4 January 1984

single from the album – Defenders of the Faith
”Some Heads Are Gonna Roll”
– released: March 1984
1. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
2. Breaking the Law (live)

single from the album – Defenders of the Faith
”Love Bites”
– released: 1984
1. Love Bites
2. Love Bites (Edit)

music videos:
“Freewheel Burning”
“Love Bites”

full album Defenders of the Faith:

  • Freewheel burning 00:00
  • Jawbreaker 04:24
  • Rock hard ride free 07:51
  • The sentinel 13:24
  • Love bites 18:12
  • Eat me alive 23:05
  • Some heads are gonna roll 26:41
  • Night comes down 30:49
  • Heavy duty/Defenders of the faith 34:49
  • Turn on your light 38:41
  • Heavy duty/Defenders of the faith live 44:06
  • Rob Halford - vocals
  • Glenn Tipton - lead guitar
  • K.K. Downing - rhythm guitar
  • Ian Hill - bass
  • Dave Holland - drums


Following the success of their previous album, Defenders of the Faith, Judas Priest initially recorded a double album which was intended to be released under the title Twin Turbos. Instead, the material was split up, with the more commercial songs appearing as the album Turbo. The lyrical content on Turbo was markedly different from previous Judas Priest albums, with more emphasis on grounded subjects such as love and romance rather than the band’s usual sci-fi and fantasy themes. On the whole, it was a response to the changed music scene of the mid-1980s which was becoming focused more on light, synth-driven pop rather than the driving hard rock of the 70s-early 80s.

studio album
– released: 14 April 1986

single from the album – Turbo
”Parental Guidance”
– released: 15 April 1986
1. Parental Guidance
2. Turbo Lover (Hi-Octane Mix)
3. Private Property (live)

music videos:
“Turbo Lover”
“Locked In”

single from the album – Turbo
”Turbo Lover”
– released: April 1986
1. Turbo Lover (extended version)
2. Hot for Love

single from the album – Turbo
”Locked In”
– released: May 1986
1. Locked In (Extended Version)
2. Reckless

video album
Fuel for Life
– released: 1986
formats: VHS

Turbo (full album preview);  Turbo’s Unblocked Songs 1986 (VINYL); Turbo Lover (Official Video):

Turbo (full album preview):
  • Turbo Lover
  • Locked In
  • Private Property
  • Parental Guidance
  • Rock You All Around The World
  • Out In The Cold
  • Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days
  • Hot For Love
  • Reckless
Turbo's Unblocked Songs:
  • Locked In (0:00:01)
  • Parental Guidance (0:04:19)
  • Rock You All Around the World (0:07:47)
  • Out in the Cold (0:11:44)
  • Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days (0:18:13)


All of the songs on Priest…Live! were recorded on their 1986 Fuel for Life tour which supported the album Turbo. There were no tracks from their 1970s albums, though the 2001 remastered version did contain “Hell Bent for Leather” as a bonus track. While it may have sounded more “live” than Unleashed in the East, Priest…Live! did not sell as well as that album. However, the RIAA certified it Gold in October 2001.

The version of “Heading Out to the Highway” on this album includes separate guitar solos by K. K. Downing and Glenn Tipton that were not on the original studio version, while the performance of “Breaking the Law” includes an additional Downing solo.

live album
– released: 21 June 1987

video album
– released: 21 June 1987

full live album Priest…Live!:


In May 1988, Ram It Down was released, featuring several reworked songs left over from Turbo, in addition to new songs. The band recorded three tracks with pop producers Stock-Aitken-Waterman: two originals, “Runaround” and “I Will Return”, and a cover of The Stylistics’ hit “You Are Everything”; however, they were ultimately not included on this album due to a management decision.

The band recorded a rendition of Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode”, intended for inclusion on the soundtrack for the 1988 Anthony Michael Hall comedy film Johnny Be Good; the song found its way onto Ram It Down and was the album’s first single.

Originally, the song “Thunder Road” was to be put on the album; however, after the album producers were asked to do the cover of “Johnny B. Goode”, “Thunder Road” was replaced. Some of the parts from the song made it into the cover of “Johnny B. Goode”. “Thunder Road” was released as a bonus track on 2001 remaster of Point of Entry.

Halford said that Ram It Down was harmed by the inclusion of the “Johnny B. Goode” cover, which he called “silly”.

single from the album – Ram It Down
”Johnny B. Goode”
– released: May 1988
1. Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry cover)
2. Rock You All Around the World (live)

single from the album – Ram It Down
”I’m a Rocker”
– released: 1988

music video:
“Johnny B. Goode”

single from the album – Ram It Down
”Ram It Down”
– released: 1988
1. Ram It Down
2. Heavy Metal

studio album
Ram It Down
– released: 17 May 1988

full album Ram It Down; official music video Johnny B. Goode:

  • Ram It Down 0:00
  • Heavy Metal 4:49
  • Love Zone 10:47
  • Come And Get It 14:47
  • Hard As Iron 18:53
  • Blood Red Skies 23:05
  • I'm A Rocker 30:53
  • Johnny B. Goode 34:52
  • Love You To Death 39:31
  • Monsters Of Rock 44:08
  • Night Comes Down (Live) 49:40
  • Bloodstone (Live) 54:14

Judas Priest timeline playlist 1980 – 1990

Judas Priest timeline

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