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metal albums july // below list heavy metal albums july you can see videos playlist from albums

metal albums july 2017:



7. July 

Aborted / BathosAborted-Bathos

death metal

Decapitated / AnticultDecapitated-Anticult

technical death metal

M.O.D. / Busted, Broke & AmericanM.O.D

crossover thrash, thrash metal

Melvins / A Walk with Love and DeathMelvins-LoveDeath-Cover

doom metal, experimental rock, alternative rock, hardcore punk

Orden Ogan / GunmenOrden-Ogan-Gunmen

power metal, folk metal, heavy metal


13. July 

Ewigkeit / Cosmic Manewigkeit-cosmic-man

industrial metal, black metal, progressive metal, gothic metal, avant-garde metal, electronic music, experimental


14. July 

12 Stones / Picture Perfect12Stones

post-grunge, alternative rock, alternative metal, christian rock, nu metal

Bloody Hammers / The Horrific Case of Bloody HammersBloody-Hammers

doom metal, gothic rock, hard rock, psychedelic rock, pagan rock

Boris / DearBoris-Dear

experimental, avant-rock, doom metal, psychedelic

Dayseeker / Dreaming Is Sinking /// Waking Is RisingDreaming-Is-Sinking

post-hardcore, metalcore

Edguy / Monuments (compilation album)Edguy_-_Monuments_(2017)

power metal, heavy metal, hard rock, progressive metal

Integrity / Howling, for the Nightmare Shall ConsumeIntegrity-Howling

metalcore, hardcore punk

Kissin’ Dynamite / Generation Goodbye – Dynamite Nights (live album)Kissin’-Dynamite

heavy metal, glam metal


21. July 

Decrepit Birth / Axis MundiDecrepit-Birth-Axis-Mundi

technical death metal

Ded / Mis•an•thropeDed-Mis•an•thrope

nu metal, alternative metal

I Set My Friends on Fire / Caterpillar SexCaterpillar-Sex

experimental, electronicore, post-hardcore, electronica, crunkcore, metalcore, alternative metal

In This Moment / RitualIn_This_Moment_-_Ritual

metalcore, alternative metal, industrial metal, gothic metal, nu metal, hard rock, post-hardcore

The Kindred / WeightThe-Kindred-Weight-EP-2017

progressive rock, progressive metal

Klingenberg Syndrome / Whiskey Tango Foxtrotwhiskey-tango-foxtrot

power metal

Pathology / PathologyPathology

death metal

Projected / Ignite My Insanity(compilation album)project-ignite-my-insanity

hard rock, alternative metal, post-grunge

Shattered Sun / The Evolution of AngerShattered-Sun

heavy metal, thrash metal, metalcore

To Speak of Wolves / Dead in the ShadowTo-Speak-of-Wolves

metalcore, post-hardcore

Wintersun / The Forest SeasonsWintersunForestSeasons

power metal, melodic death metal, folk metal, neoclassical metal, black metal


26. July 

Adagio / LifeAdagioLife

symphonic power metal, progressive metal, neoclassical metal


28. July 

Alice Cooper / ParanormalAlice-Cooper

hard rock, heavy metal, shock rock, glam rock

Byzantine / The Cicada TreeByzantine-The-Cicada-Tree

groove metal, thrash metal, progressive metal

Make Them Suffer / Worlds ApartMake-Them-Suffer

deathcore, symphonic death metal

Masterplan / PumpKings(covers album)MasterplanPumpKings

power metal

The Midnight Ghost Train / Cypress Ave.the-midnight-ghost-train

rock, hard rock, blues rock, Southern rock, heavy metal

Oceans Ate Alaska / Hikari(compilation album)oceans-ate-alaska-hikari

metalcore, progressive metalcore

Prong / Zero Daysprongzerodays

groove metal, hardcore punk, thrash metal, industrial metal, crossover thrash

Rage / Seasons of the Blackrage-seasons-of-the-black

heavy metal, speed metal, power metal, progressive metal, symphonic metal

Rex Brown / Smoke on This…RexBrown_SmokeOnThisCover

heavy metal, groove metal, thrash metal, sludge metal, glam metal, hard rock, alternative metal, southern metal, country metal

Rings of Saturn / Ultu Ullaringsofsaturnultuula-metal-albums-july

deathcore, technical death metal

Shadowside / Shades of Humanitymetal-albums-july

heavy metal, power metal


31. July 

Thunderstick / Something Wicked This Way Comesmetal-albums-july

heavy metal




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