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Metal albums January // below list new albums you can Listen audio and video playlist heavy metal albums released in January 2018…

metal albums January 2018:



2. January

Wail  / ResilientWail-Resilient

heavy metal, hard rock

3. January

Abigor  / HöllenzwangAbigor-Höllenzwang

black metal

4. January

Horna  / Kuolleiden Kuu Kuolleiden-kuu

black metal

5. January

Afgrund  / The DystopianThe-Dystopian

death metal,grindcore, punk

Meden Agan  / CatharsisCatharsis

gothic/symphonic metal

Watain  / Trident Wolf EclipseTrident-Wolf-Eclipse

black metal

Shining  / X – Varg Utan FlockX-Varg-utan-flock

black metal

Summoning  / With Doom We ComeWith-Doom-We-Come

epic/atmospheric black metal

Sinistro  / Sangue Cássia (compilation album)Sangue-Cássia

sludge/doom/post- metal

6. January

Satan Jokers  / Symphönïk KömmandöhSymphönïk-Kömmandöh

heavy metal

12. January

Avatar  / Avatar Country

groove metal, melodic death metal, heavy metal, avant-garde metal

Black Veil Brides  / ValeVale

glam metal, heavy metal, hard rock

Bloodshot Dawn  / ReanimationReanimation

melodic death/thrash metal (early), technical death metal (later)

Corrosion Of Conformity  / No Cross No CrownNo-Cross-No-Crown

crossover/sludge/southern metal

Hamferð  / Támsins LikamTámsins-likam

doom/death metal

Heidevolk  / Vuur Van VerzetVuur-van-verzet

folk metal, viking metal, heavy metal

Leaves’ Eyes  / Sign Of The DragonheadSign-of-the-Dragonhead

symphonic metal, gothic metal, folk metal, viking metal

Mystic Prophecy  / Monuments Uncovered(compilation album)mystic

power metal, speed metal, thrash metal

Tankard  / Hymns For The Drunk (Compilation)Hymns-for-the-Drunk

thrash metal

Trespass  / Footprints In The RockFootprints-in-the-Rock

NWOBHM, heavy metal

White Wizzard  / Infernal OverdriveInfernal-Overdrive

heavy metal

13. January

Abysmal Grief  / Blasphema SectaBlasphema-Secta

doom metal

15. January

Make A Change… Kill Yourself  / IVIV

depressive black metal/ambient

Edgeflame  / Beyond the Pale CarcassBeyond-the-Pale-Carcass

heavy/thrash metal

19. January

Anvil  / Pounding The PavementPounding_the_Pavement

heavy metal, speed metal

Arkona  / Khram(covers album)Arkona-Khram

folk metal

Black Label Society  / Grimmest HitsBLS-GrimmestHits

southern/groove metal

Cane Hill  / Too Far Gone (Rise, 2018)(compilation album)Too-Far-Gone

nu metal, nu metalcore, alternative metal

Clamfight  / “III”album-III

stoner/sludge metal

Crimson Day  / At The Mountains Of MadnessAt-the-Mountains-of-Madness

heavy metal

Dalriada  / NyárutóNyárutó

folk metal

Lechery  / We Are All Born EvilWe-Are-All-Born-Evil

heavy metal

Nydvind  / Seas Of OblivionSeas-Of-Oblivion

pagan metal

Rise Of Avernus  / EigengrauEigengrau

progressive metal, gothic/doom metal

Spectral Lore / Jute Gyte  / Helian (Split)Helian

ambient, atmospheric post-black metal

Terror Universal  / Make Them BleedMake-Them-Bleed_Terror

shock rock, groove metal, alternative metal, industrial metal, nu metal

Unshine  / AstralaUnshine-Astrala

gothic metal, symphonic metal

Yhdarl  / LossLoss

drone/doom/black metal

24. January

Arden / Shin Gi TaiShin-Gi-Tai

melodic heavy metal, hard rock

The Art of Mankind / Distant LightDistant-Light

melodic death metal

Asterism / The Session Vol.2The-Session-Vol.2

heavy metal

Crossfaith / Wipeout EPWipeout

electronic metalcore, melodic groove metal

Eskhaton / OmegalitheosOmegalitheos

death metal

Malicious Birth / Mind CrematorMalicious-Birth

drone/doom metal

Psilocybin / The Marsh Chapel Experiment EPThe-Marsh-Chapel-Experiment

drone/doom/death metal (early), stoner/doom metal (later)

River of Souls / The Nihilist EPThe-Nihilist

death/doom metal

Uhrilahja / Demo ’18Demo-'18

black metal

25. January

Black Reaper / Celestial DescensionCelestial-Descension

melodic black metal

Blasfemia / Nocturnal Astral VisionsNocturnal-Astral-Visions

black/thrash metal

Hail Conjurer / Dreams of SerpentDreams-of-Serpent

black metal

The Creatures from the Tomb / The Terryfying MenaceThe-Terryfying-Menace

goregrind/brutal death metal

26. January

Agrimonia / AwakenAwaken

sludge/post-metal, crust

Hämatom / Bestie der Freiheitdie-bestie-der-freiheit

crossover thrash, Neue Deutsche Härte

In Vain / CurrentsCurrents

progressive death metal, black metal

Loudness / Rise to Glory

heavy metal, glam metal, speed metal, progressive metal

Machine Head / CatharsisCatharsis

groove metal, thrash metal, nu metal

Orphaned Land / Unsung Prophets & Dead MessiahsUnsung-Prophets-&-Dead-Mess

folk metal, oriental metal, progressive death metal, death-doom

Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals / Choosing Mental Illness as a VirtuePhilip-H.-Anselmo-The-Illegals

groove metal, sludge metal, death metal

The Poodles / PrismaPrisma-The-Poodles

melodic heavy metal, hard rock, glam metal

Portal / IonPortal-Ion

death metal, black metal, avant-garde metal, progressive metal

Sleeping Giant / I AmSleeping-Giant_I-Am

Christian metal, metalcore, Christian hardcore

Tribulation / Down BelowDown-Below

heavy metal, psychedelic rock, gothic metal, blackened death metal (early)

27. January

Adavänt / The UnyieldingThe-Unyielding

epic folk metal

Powerstroke / OmissaOmissa

thrash/groove metal

Storm of Particles / Gaea HypothesisStorm-of-Particles

melodic death metal

28. January

Rebellion / A Tragedy in Steel Part II: Shakespeare’s King LearRebellion

heavy metal, power metal



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