new heavy metal albums – february 2017

below list new heavy metal albums – February 2017 you can see videos playlist from upcoming albums

list new heavy metal albums – February 2017:


2. February 

De Magia Veterum  / Naked Swords into the Womb of the EnemyNaked-Swords

black metal, avant-garde metal

3. February

Iron Reagan  / Crossover MinistryCrossover-Ministry

crossover thrash, thrash metal, hardcore punk

Soen  / LykaiaSOEN_Lykaia

progressive metal, post-metal


10. February

Deivos / Endemic Divineendemic

death metal

First Blood / Rulesfirstblood_rules

metalcore, thrash metal, hardcore punk

Mors Principium Est / Embers of a Dying WorldEmbers-of-a-Dying-World

melodic death metal

Mutiny Within / OriginsMUTINY-WITHIN

melodic death metal, power metal, melodic metalcore, progressive metal

Nidingr / The High Heat Licks Against HeavenNidingr-cover

metalcore, thrash metal, hardcore punk

Overkill / The Grinding WheelOverkill-The-Grinding

thrash metal

Thunder / Rip It Upthunder-ripitup

hard rock, heavy metal


17. February

Battle Beast / Bringer of PainBATTLE-BEAST-Bringer-Of-Pain

heavy metal, power metal

Benighted / Necrobreedbenighted

deathgrind, technical death metal

Crystal Viper / Queen of the WitchesCRYSTAL-VIPER-Queen

heavy metal, power metal

Once Human / EvolutionOnce-Human-Evolution

melodic death metal, progressive metal, djent

Edenbridge / The Great Momentumedenbridge-thegreatmomentum

symphonic metal, power metal, progressive metal

Lorna Shore / Flesh CoffinLorna-Shore


Morta Skuld / Wounds Deeper Than TimeMorta-Skuld

death metal

Stinking Lizaveta / Journey to the UnderworldStinking-Lizaveta

stoner doom


22. February

Power Trip / Nightmare Logicpower-trip-nightmare-logic

crossover, thrash metal


23. February

Archivist / ConstructArchivist---Construct

progressive metal, post-metal


24. February

A Breach of Silence / SecretsSecrets-A-Breach-of-Silence

metalcore,rap metal

Bloodbound / War of DragonsBloodbound_War-of-the-Dragon

power metal, heavy metal

Born of Osiris / The Eternal ReignBorn-of-Osiris

deathcore, progressive metal

Ex Deo / The Immortal WarsEX-DEO

symphonic death metal

Hark / Machinationshark

sludge metal, stoner metal, rock

Hetroertzen / Uprising of the FallenHetroertzen

black metal

Immolation / Atonementimmolation-atonement

death metal

King Woman / Created in the Image of SufferingKing-Woman

doom metal

Lethe / The First Corpse on the MoonLethe_Costin_Chioreanu

stoner rock, stoner metal

Persefone / AathmaAATHMA

progressive metal, death metal

Pyogenesis / A Kingdom to DisappearPyogenesis

death metal, gothic metal, pop punk, alternative metal

Sanctuary / InceptionSANCTUARY

heavy metal, thrash metal, progressive metal, power metal

Sinister / SyncretismSINISTER--Syncretism

death metal

Six Feet Under / TormentSixFeetUnder-Torment

death metal

Steel Panther / Lower the Barlower-the-bar

comedy rock, glam metal, heavy metal

Suicide Silence / Suicide SilenceSuicide-Silence---Suicide-S


Trollfest / HelluvaTrollfestHelluva

folk metal, black metal, avant-garde metal

Unearthly Trance / Stalking the Ghostunearthly-trance-stalking

sludge metal, doom metal

Vendetta / The 5thvendetta-the5th-2017

thrash metal


27. February

Void Cruiser / Wayfarervoid-cruiser-wayfarer

stoner metal, psychedelic, stoner rock



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