New metal albums November 2017


metal albums

Playlist new metal albums November// below list new albums you can listen to the latest songs taken from the heavy metal albums released in November 2017… the playlist contains 13 full albums and 47 songs…

list new metal albums November 2017:


3. November

Annihilator / For the DementedAnnihilator

thrash metal

Beast In Black / BerserkerBeast-in-Black

melodic metal, power metal

Cannibal Corpse / Red Before BlackCannibal-Corpse

death metal

Converge / The Dusk in Usconverge-the-dusk-in-us

metalcore, hardcore punk, mathcore, post-hardcore

F.K.Ü. / 1981 F.K.Ü.

thrash metal

Like Moths to Flames / Dark DivineLike-Moths-To-Flames-Dark-Divine

metalcore, post-hardcore

Lustre / Still Innocencelustre-still-innocence

ambient black metal, ambient, electronic

Madam X / MonstrocityMadam-X-Monstrocity

glam metal, heavy metal, hard rock

Moonspell / 1755moonspell1755

gothic metal, black metal, doom metal, progressive metal, melodic death metal (later)

My Enemies & I / The Beast InsideMy-Enemies-&-I-The-Beast-Inside

metalcore, nu metal, nu metalcore, heavy metal

Primitive Race / Soul PretenderPrimitive-Race-Soul-Pretend

industrial rock, industrial metal, alternative rock

Sleeping Romance / Alba

symphonic metal

Umbra et Imago  / Die Unsterblichen – Das zweite BuchUmbra-et-Imago-Die-Unsterblichen

gothic rock, gothic metal, darkwave, Neue Deutsche Härte

Vandenberg’s MoonKings / MK IIVandenberg's-MoonKings-MK-II

hard rock, heavy metal, glam metal, blues-rock

Zao / Pyrrhic Victory (EP)Zao-Pyrrhic-Victory-(EP)


7. November

Vhäldemar / Against All KingsVhäldemar-Against-All-Kings

power metal

10. November

Amberian Dawn / Darkness of EternityAmberian-Dawn-Darkness-of-Eternity

symphonic metal, speed metal, power metal, neoclassical metal

Babylon A.D. / Revelation HighwayBabylon-A.D

glam metal

Cloak / To Venomous DepthsCloak-To-Venomous-Depths

black metal, rock

Desolate Shrine / Deliverance From The Godless VoidDesolate-Shrine-Deliverance

death metal

Destruction / Thrash Anthems II (compilation album)Destruction-Thrash-Anthems-II

thrash metal, black metal (early)

Electric Wizard / Wizard Bloody WizardElectric-Wizard-Wizard-Bloody-Wizard

doom metal, stoner rock, sludge metal

Elvenking / Secrets of the Magick GrimoireSecrets-of-the-Magick-Grimoire

melodic power, folk metal

Entheos  / Dark FutureEntheos-Dark-Future

technical death metal, progressive metal

Evanescence  / SynthesisEvanescence-Synthesis

alternative metal, gothic metal, nu metal, hard rock

The Dark Element / The Dark Elementdark-element

symphonic metal

Jeff Scott Soto  / RetributionJeff-Scott-Sott-Retribution

hard rock, AOR, heavy metal, power metal, funk

Pink Cream 69  / HeadstrongPink-Cream-69-Headstrong-2CD

hard rock, heavy metal, power metal, glam metal, post-grunge (1995-1997)

Primal Fear  / Best Of FearPrimal-Fear-Best-Of-Fear

heavy metal, power metal, speed metal

Santa Cruz / Bad Blood RisingBad-Blood-Rising

glam metal, heavy metal, hard rock

Sinsaenum / Ashes (EP)Sinsaenum-Ashes-(EP)

blackened death metal, death metal

Sweet & Lynch / UnifiedSweetAndLync-Unified

Christian rock, Christian metal, hard rock, glam metal

Threat Signal  / DisconnectThreat-Signal-Disconnect

metalcore, groove metal, melodic death metal, industrial metal

Toothgrinder  / Phantom AmourToothgrinder-Phantom-Amour

metalcore, progressive metal, post-hardcore

The Unguided  / And the Battle RoyaleThe-Unguided-And-the-Battle

melodic death metal, alternative metal, power metal, metalcore

W.E.B. / TartarusW.E.B.-Tartarus

black metal, death metal, gothic metal

Witchery / I Am LegionWitchery-I-Am-Legion

thrash metal, speed metal, death metal, black metal

Your Memorial  / Your Memorial (EP)Your-Memorial-Your-Memorial

Christian metal, metalcore

13. November

Project46 / Tr3sProject46-Tr3s

heavy metal, death metal

17. November

Aosoth / V: The Inside ScripturesAosoth-V

black metal

Arrayan Path / Dawn Of AquariusArrayan-Path-Dawn-Of-Aquarius

epic power metal

Black Sabbath / The end (Live in Birmingham)The-end-(Live-in-Birmingham

doom metal, heavy metal

The Body & Full of Hell / Ascending a Mountain of Heavy LightThe-Body-&-Full-of-Hell

grindcore, sludge metal, noise rock

Cavalera Conspiracy / PsychosisCavalera-Conspiracy-Psychos

groove metal, thrash metal, death metal

Fieldy / BassicallyFieldy-Bassically

nu metal, funk metal, hard rock, alternative metal, west coast rap, hardcore rap, g-funk, rap rock

Galactic Cowboys / Long Way Back to the MoonGalactic-Cowboys-Long-Way-Back-to-the-Moon

heavy metal, progressive metal

Godflesh / Post SelfGodflesh-Post-Self

industrial metal, post-metal

In Flames / Down, Wicked & No Good (EP)In_Flames

alternative metal, melodic death metal

Oblivion / The Path Towards…Oblivion-The-Path-Towards..

technical death metal

Phinehas / Dark FlagPhinehas-Dark-Flag

metalcore, Christian metal, Christian hardcore, melodic metalcore

Polkadot Cadaver / Get PossessedPolkadot-Cadaver-Get-Possessed

avant-garde metal, experimental rock, alternative metal

Tarja / From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas)Tarja-From-Spirits-and-Ghosts

symphonic metal, symphonic rock, gothic metal, classical-crossover

19. November

Folkodia / Battle of the Milvian BridgeFolkodia-Battle-of-the-Milvian-Bridge

folk metal, viking metal

21. November

Krallice / Go Be ForgottenKrallice-Go-Be-Forgotten

black metal, experimental metal

24. November

Almanac / KingslayerAlmanac-Kingslayer

symphonic metal, power metal

Almyrkvi / Umbraalmyrkvi-umbra

atmospheric black metal

Cardiant / mirrorsCardiant-Mirrors

heavy metal, speed metal

Loch Vostok / StrifeLoch-Vostok-Strife

progressive metal, progressive death metal, extreme metal

Taake / Kong VinterTaake-Kong-Vinter

black metal

Thantifaxath / Void Masquerading as Matter (EP)Thantifaxath-Void...

black metal

Playlist new metal albums November:


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