new metal albums released in august 2017


below list new metal albums released in august 2017 you can see videos playlist 


list new metal albums released in august 2017:


04. August

Accept / The Rise of ChaosAccept-Rise-Of-Chaos

 heavy metal

Dale Crover / The Fickle Finger of FateDale-Crover-The-Fickle-Fing

heavy metal, alternative rock, hardcore punk, experimental rock

Dead Cross / Dead Cross

heavy metal, hardcore punk, thrash metal

Deep Purple / Johnny’s Band (EP)Deep-Purple

hard rock, heavy metal, blues rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock (early)

Marty Friedman / Wall of SoundMarty-Friedman-Wall-of-Sound

heavy metal, neoclassical metal, thrash metal, speed metal, J-pop

Quiet Riot  / Road RageQuiet-Riot-Road-Rage

heavy metal, glam metal, hard rock

Thor / Beyond the Pain BarrierTHOR-Beyond-The-Pain-Barrie

heavy metal

Toxik / Breaking Class (EP)Toxik-Breaking-Class-(EP)

thrash metal, progressive metal, speed metal

Wage War / DeadweightWage-War-Deadweight

metalcore, melodic metalcore, hardcore punk

11. August

All Out War / Give Us ExtinctionAll-Out-War-Give-Us-Extinct

metalcore, crossover thrash, thrash metal

Cormorant  / DiasporaCormorant-Diaspora

progressive metal, progressive black metal

Hinder / The ReignHinder-The-Reign

alternative rock, post-grunge, hard rock, glam metal

Incantation / Profane NexusIncantation-Profane-Nexus

death metal, death-doom

Motograter / DesolationMotograter-Desolation

nu metal, industrial metal, experimental metal

Necrophobic / Pesta (EP)Necrophobic-Pesta-(EP)

death metal, blackened death metal

Venom Inc. / AvéVenom-Inc.-Avé

thrash metal, black metal, speed metal

18. August

End of Green / Void Estateend-of-green-void-estate

gothic metal, doom metal, alternative metal

Eluveitie   / Evocation II – PantheonEluveitie-Evocation-II

folk metal, melodic death metal, celtic metal

Janet Gardner   / Janet GardnerJanet-Gardner

hard rock, glam metal

KMFDM / Hell YeahKMFDM_Hell_Yeah_Album

industrial rock, industrial metal, electro-industrial, electropunk

Thy Art Is Murder / Dear DesolationThy-Art-Is-Murder


22. August

Xanthochroid / Of Erthe and Axen – ActXanthochroid-OEaA-Act-I

heavy metal, black metal, symphonic metal, progressive metal

25. August

Akercocke / Renaissance in ExtremisAkercocke-Renaissance

blackened death metal, progressive metal

Brendon Small / Brendon Small’s Galaktikon II: Become the StormBrendon_Small's_Galaktiko

melodic death metal, comedy rock, heavy metal, hard rock

Dagoba / Black NovaDagoba-Black-Nova

industrial metal, groove metal, thrash metal, death metal, metalcore

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter / Der Rote ReiterDie-Apokalyptischen-Reiter

neue deutsche härte, melodic death metal, avant-garde metal, power metal, thrash metal
symphonic metal, heavy metal, folk metal

Eskimo Callboy / The SceneEskimo-Callboy-The-Scene

metalcore, electronicore

The Haunted / Strength in NumbersThe-Haunted-Strength-in-Numbers

thrash metal, melodic death metal, groove metal, metalcore

Korpiklaani  / Strength in NumbersKorpiklaani-Live-at-Masters

folk metal

Lacrimosa / TestimoniumLacrimosa-Testimonium

gothic rock, darkwave, neue deutsche todeskunst; later: gothic metal, symphonic metal

Leng Tch’e / Razorgrindnew-metal-albums


Leprous / MalinaLeprous-Malina

progressive metal, progressive rock, avant-garde metal, experimental rock

Sannhet / So NumbSannhet-So-Numb

instrumental metal, post-metal, sludge metal, black metal


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