Playlist new heavy metal albums – December 2017


heavy metal albums released in 2017

Playlist new heavy metal albums – December // below list new albums you can listen to the latest songs taken from heavy metal albums released in December 2017… the playlist contains 10 full albums and 26 songs…

list new heavy metal albums – December 2017:


1. December

Deinonychus / Ode to Acts of Murder, Dystopia and SuicideOde-to-Acts-of-Murder-Dystopia

black doom, death/doom, dark metal

The Faceless / In Becoming a GhostThe-Faceless

technical death metal, progressive metal, deathcore (early)

Five Finger Death Punch / A Decade of Destruction (compilation album)Five-Finger-Death-Punch

groove metal, thrash metal, alternative metal, hard rock

Glassjaw / Material ControlMaterialControlCover

post-hardcore, alternative metal

Intervals / The Way ForwardIntervals

progressive metal, djent, instrumental

Leviathan / The First Sublevel of Suicide (compilation album)Leviathan

ambient black metal, dark ambient

Morbid Angel / Kingdoms Disdainedmorbid-angel-kingdoms-disdained

death metal

Operation: Mindcrime / The New RealityOperation-Mindcrime

progressive metal, alternative metal

Pretty Boy Floyd / Public EnemiesPretty-Boy-Floyd

glam metal, hard rock

5. December

Project 86 / Sheep Among WolvesSheep_Among_Wolves

alternative metal, nu metal, post-hardcore

7. December

Status Minor / Three Faces of AntoineStatus-Minor-Three-Faces...

progressive metal

8. December

Atrocity / Masters of Darkness (EP)Atrocity

technical death metal (early), Gothic metal, Industrial metal, Folk metal

Cleric / RetrocausalCleric-Retrocausal

avant-garde metal, grindcore, doom metal

Coronatus / Secrets of NatureSecrets-of-Nature

symphonic metal, folk metal

Diablo Swing Orchestra / PacifisticuffsDiablo_Swing_Orchestra

avant-garde metal, swing revival, progressive metal, symphonic metal, experimental rock, jazz fusion

Ghost / Ceremony and Devotion (live album)ghost-ceremony-and-devotion

heavy metal, doom metal, hard rock, psychedelic rock, progressive rock

Iron Savior / Reforged – Riding on FireIron-Savior-Reforged

power metal, heavy metal

Schwarzer Engel / Sinnflut (EP)schwarzerengel_sinnflut

symphonic gothic metal, Neue Deutsche Härte

War of Ages / AlphaWar-of-Ages

Christian metal, metalcore

15. December


Autopsy / Puncturing The Grotesque EPAutopsy

death metal, death-doom

Beastiality / Worshippers of Unearthly PerversionsBeastiality

death metal, thrash metal, black metal

De La Muerte / VenganzaDe-La-Muerte

heavy metal

For All Eternity / The Will to RebuildFor-All-Eternity

metalcore, Christian hardcore, Christian metal, post-hardcore

Iperyt / The Patchwork GehinnomIperyt

industrial, death/black metal

Obscure Burial / Obscure BurialObscure-Burial

black/death metal

Silenmara / A Darkened VisionaryA-Darkened-Visionary

melodic groove metal, metalcore

18. December

Chronic Xorn / For These Sins Who Must DieChronic-Xorn


Nova / Soli Contro Il Mondonova

black metal

Ofdrykkja / IrrfardOfdrykkja

avantgarde metal

22. December

Eternal Torment / Blind To RealityEternal-Torment

death metal

Reverence / Foreverence (EP)reverence_EP

power metal

Tribulation / Lady Death (EP)Tribulation

death metal, blackened death metal, gothic metal

Venom / 100 Miles to Hell (EP)venom-100-miles-to-hell

NWOBHM, black metal, speed metal

Jarun / SporyszJarun

progressive metal, folk metal, black metal

27. December

Handsome Prick / AnonymityvilleHandsome-Prick

grindcore, death metal

29. December

Eternal Helcaraxe / In Times Of DesperationEternal-Helcaraxe

black metal

Nortt / EndeligtNortt-Endeligt

avantgarde metal

Speedclaw / Beast In The Mist

speed metal, heavy metal

Playlist new heavy metal albums – December:


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