released heavy metal albums – march 2017


below list released heavy metal albums – march 2017 you can see videos playlist from albums


heavy metal albums released in march 2017:


3. March 

Blaze Bayley  / Endure and Surviveblaze-endure-and-survive

 heavy metal, hard rock

Emmure  / Look at YourselfEmmure_Look_at_Yourself_album

nu metal, metalcore

John 5  / Season of the WitchJohn-5-and-the-Creatures

heavy metal, alternative metal, instrumental rock, industrial metal, bluegrass, country, flamenco

Majesty  / RebelsMajesty-Rebels

heavy metal, power metal

Within the Ruins  / Halfway HumanWithin-the-Ruins-Halfway

deathcore, progressive metal, metalcore

Desecrate The Faith / Unholy InfestationUnholy-Infestation

brutal death metal

Gorephilia  / Severed MonolithGorephilia-Severed-Monolith

death metal

Redeem/Revive  / Free MindsRedeem-Revive-Free-Minds

metalcore, post hardcore

She Must Burn  / GrimoireShe-Must-Burn-Grimoire


Villain Of The Story  / Wrapped In Vines, Covered On ThornsVillain-of-the-Story


Wolfheart  / TyhjyysWolfheart-Tyhjyys

melodic death metal


7. March

Cirith Gorgor  / Bi Den Dode Hant (EP)Cirith-Gorgor-Bi-Den-Dode

black metal


10. March 

Black Map  / In DrovesBlack-Map-In-Droves

alternative metal, post-hardcore

Cellador  / Off the GridCellador-Off-the-Grid

power metal, speed metal, heavy metal

Condemned  / His Divine ShadowCondemned-His-Divine-Shadow

brutal death metal

Darkest Hour  / Godless Prophets & the Migrant FloraGodlessprophets&themigrant

metalcore, melodic death metal

Evocation  / The Shadow ArchetypeEvocation-TheShadow...

death metal

Fen  / WinterFen-Winter

black metal, post-rock, shoegaze

Havok  / ConformicideHavok_-_Conformicide

thrash metal, speed metal, crossover thrash

Hydrogyn  / Redemptionhydrogyn-redemption-2017

hard rock, heavy metal

In The Company Of Serpents  / Ain-Soph AurIn-The-Company-Of-Serpents

sludge metal, doom metal, stoner metal

Lock Up  / DemonizationLock-Up-Demonization

grindcore, deathgrind

Nick Douglas  / RegenerationsNick-Douglas-Regenerations

heavy metal, hard rock, rock

Nova Collective  / The Further Sidenova-collective-the-further

contemporary jazz, progressive metal

Pillorian  / Obsidian ArcPillorian

black metal

15. March 

Demonic Resurrection  / DashavatarDemonic-Resurrection-Dashavatar

blackened death metal, symphonic metal


17. March

The Charm The Fury  / The Sick, Dumb & HappyThe-Charm-The-Fury-The-Sick

groove metal, nu metal, metalcore

Dead Neanderthals  / CratersDead-Neanderthals-Craters

free-jazz, metal, grind-core

Fit for an Autopsy  / The Great CollapseFit-for-an-Autopsy


King of Asgard  / TauderKing-Of-Asgard-Taudr

viking metal, melodic death metal

Obituary  / Obituaryobituary

death metal

The Raven Age  / Darkness Will RiseThe-Raven-Age

heavy metal, alternative metal

Righteous Vendetta  / CursedRighteous-Vendetta-Cursed

christian metal, metalcore, hard rock, hardcore punk

Saille  / Gnosissaille-gnosis

black metal

Vangough  / WarpaintVangough-Warpaint

progressive metal

Woe  / Hope AttritionWoe-Hope-Attrition

black metal


24. March 

Northlane  / MesmerNorthlane_Mesmer

metalcore, progressive metal

Art of Anarchy  / The MadnessThe_Madness_Art_of_Anarchy

hard rock, alternative metal, post-grunge, heavy metal

Arvas  / Black PathArvas-Black-Path

black metal

Brother Firetribe  / SunboundBrother-Firetribe_Sunbound

hard rock, hair metal, AOR, heavy metal

Brutality Will Prevail  / In Dark PlacesBrutality-Will-Prevail

hardcore punk, sludge metal

House of Lords  / Saint of the Lost SoulsHouse-of-Lords

hard rock, glam metal, AOR, heavy metal

Night Ranger  / Don’t Let UpNight-Ranger

hard rock, heavy metal

Pallbearer  / HeartlessPallbearerHeart

doom metal, progressive rock



30. March 

Beast Modulus  / Beingbeastmodulus-being

thrash metal

Medico Peste  / Herzogian DarknessMedico-Peste-Herzogian-Dark

black metal


31. March 

Body Count  / Bloodlustbodycountbloodlust

thrash metal, hardcore punk, rap metal

Demon Hunter  / Outlivedemon_hunter__outlive

christian metal, metalcore, nu metal, alternative metal, groove metal

Invidia  / As the Sun SleepsInvidia-As-The-Sun-Sleeps

heavy metal

Mantar  / The Spellmantar-the-spell

sludge metal

Mastodon  / Emperor of SandMastodon-Emperor-of-Sand

progressive metal, sludge metal, stoner metal, alternative metal

Nightrage  / The Venomousnightrage-the-venomous

death metal, melodic death metal

Sinner  / Tequila Suicidesinner-tequilasuicide

heavy metal, hard rock

Warbringer  / Woe to the VanquishedWarbringer-Woe-to-the-...

thrash metal


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