released heavy metal albums – may 2017


below list released heavy metal albums – may 2017 you can see videos playlist from albums


Metal albums – May 2017:


5. May 

Dezperadoz  / Call Of The WildDezperadoz

heavy metal, southern metal

Eisregen  / FleischfilmEisregen-band

death metal, black metal

Full of Hell / Trumpeting EcstasyTrupetingEcstasy

grindcore, powerviolence, sludge metal

God Dethroned  / The World AblazeGodDethroned-TheWorldAblaze

blackened death metal, melodic death metal (2003-2006), death metal (1991-1993)

Hate  / Tremendumhate-band

blackened death metal, death metal

Motionless in White  / Graveyard ShiftMotionless-in-White-Graveya

metalcore, gothic metal, industrial metal

Seven Kingdoms  / DecenniumSeven-Kingdoms-Decennium

power metal, thrash metal

Spoil Engine  / StormsleeperSpoil-Engine-Stormsleeper

melodic death metal, groove metal

The Sword  / Greetings From… (live album)The-Sword-Greetings-From..

heavy metal, stoner metal, hard rock, doom metal

The Unity  / The Unitythe-unity

power metal


8. May 

Nokturnal Mortum  ІстинаNokturnal-Mortum

symphonic black metal, folk metal, pagan metal


10. May 

Aldious / Unlimited DiffusionAldious-Unlimited-Diffusion

melodic power metal, heavy metal

Holy Blood  / Glory to the Heroes (EP)Holy-Blood-Glory-to-the-Heroes

folk metal, unblack metal, melodic death metal


12. May 

Ajattara  / LupausAjattara-Lupaus

dark metal, black metal, dark folk

Harem Scarem  / UnitedHarem-Scarem-United

hard rock, glam metal, melodic rock

Gideon  / ColdGideon-Cold

alternative metal, christian metal, heavy metal

Kobra and the Lotus / Prevail IKobraandtheLotus-PrevailI

heavy metal

Sacred Oath  / Twelve BellsSacred-Oath-Twelve-Bells

power metal

Seether  / Poison the ParishSeether-Poison-the-Parish

post-grunge, alternative rock, alternative metal, hard rock, nu metal

Voyager  / Ghost MileVoyager-Ghost-Mile

progressive metal

Warrant  / Louder Harder FasterWarrant-Louder-Harder-Faste

glam metal, heavy metal, hard rock


16. May 

Nargaroth  / Era of ThrenodyNargaroth-Era-of-Threnody

black metal


19. May 

3Teeth  / <shutdown.exe>3Teeth-shutdownexe

industrial metal

DragonForce  / Reaching into InfinityDragonForce-Reaching-into-I

power metal, speed metal

Oceano  / RevelationOceano-Revelation


Papa Roach  / Crooked TeethPapa-Roach-Crooked-Teeth

alternative metal, alternative rock, hard rock, nu metal, rap metal

Rock Goddess  / It’s More Than Rock and Roll (EP)Rock-Goddess-It's-More-Than

heavy metal

Scale the Summit  / In a World of FearScale-the-Summit-In-a-World

progressive metal, progressive rock


25. May 

Kaledon  / Carnagus – Emperor of the DarknessKaledon

power metal


26. May 

Alestorm  / No Grave But the SeaAlestorm

power metal, folk metal, pirate metal

Avatarium  / Hurricanes and HalosAvatarium-Hurricanes

doom metal, heavy metal

Danzig  / Black Laden CrownDanzig-Black-Laden-Crown

heavy metal, gothic metal, hard rock, blues rock

Divinity  / The ImmortalistDivinity-The-Immortalist

heavy metal

Dream Evil  / SixDream-Evil-Six

heavy metal, power metal

In Hearts Wake  / ArkIn-Hearts-Wake-Ark


The Letter Black  / PainThe-Letter-Black-Pain

christian rock, hard rock, alternative metal, post-grunge, nu metal

Nocte Obducta  / Totholz (Ein Raunen aus dem Klammwald)Nocte-Obducta-Totholz

avant garde, black metal

Rhapsody of Fire  / Legendary Years (compilation album)Rhapsody-of-Fire-Legendary-Years

symphonic power metal, neoclassical metal

Sólstafir  / BerdreyminnSólstafir-Berdreyminn

post-metal, progressive metal, viking metal (early), black metal (early)


31. May 

Naer Mataron  / Lucitherion: Temple of the Radiant SunNaer-Mataron-Lucitherion

black metal


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