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alternative metal > mid-1980s > funk metal

funk metal:
stylistic origins: heavy metal / funk rock / alternative metal / dance-punk / funk / thrash metal
cultural origins: mid-1980s, United States

Allmusic: “Funk Metal bands takes the loud guitars and riffs of heavy metal and melds them to the popping bass lines and syncopated rhythms of funk. Funk metal evolved in the mid-’80s when alternative bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Fishbone began playing the hybrid with a stronger funk underpinning than metal. The bands that followed relied more on metal than funk, though they retained the wild bass lines. Like heavy metal, the genre became a way to showcase instrumental prowess.”

This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

notable funk metal bands list:

24-7 Spyz
alternative metal, hard rock, hardcore punk, funk metal, experimental rock, rap rock

Atom Seed
hard rock, funk metal

Audioslave (Revelations album -2006)
hard rock, alternative rock, post-grunge, alternative metal, funk metal

hard rock, funk metal, alternative metal, blues rock, stoner rock, psychedelic rock, hardcore punk (early)

glam metal, funk metal, hard rock

Faith No More
alternative metal, experimental rock, funk metal

alternative rock, funk rock, funk metal, ska punk

Heads Up!
funk metal

alternative rock, alternative metal, funk rock, funk metal, nu metal

Infectious Grooves
alternative metal, funk Metal, hard rock, heavy metal

Jane’s Addiction
funk metal, alternative rock, alternative metal, psychedelic rock

Living Colour
funk metal, hard rock, alternative metal

Mr. Bungle
alternative metal, experimental, funk metal, ska punk

funk metal, thrash metal

Orange 9mm
alternative metal, funk metal, post-hardcore, punk revival, rap metal

The Pimps
alternative metal, funk metal

alternative metal, funk metal, progressive rock, experimental rock

Red Hot Chili Peppers
funk rock, alternative rock, funk metal, rap rock, college rock

Rollins Band
alternative metal, hard rock, post-hardcore, funk metal

hardcore punk, funk metal, nu metal

Suicidal Tendencies (Robert Trujillo era)
crossover thrash, thrash metal, hardcore punk, funk metal, skate punk

Stone Antica
indie rock, funk metal, college rock, dance-rock

funk metal

Sugar Ray
alternative rock, pop rock, funk metal, hardcore punk, nu metal, punk rock, skate punk

heavy metal, progressive metal, funk metal, avant-garde metal, instrumental rock, experimental rock, ambient



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