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In 1992 Primus released a cover song EP Miscellaneous Debris, with their version of XTC’s “Making Plans for Nigel” receiving enough airplay to reach No. 30 on Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks chart.

In his review for Allmusic, Stephen Thomas Erlewine describes the EP as “Primus’ best release”. He notes that the band “plays actual songs instead of sketching out a few ideas as an excuse for jamming”, which means that “Miscellaneous Debris isn’t as weird and alienating as previous albums”, concluding that the band’s covers “show flashes of brilliance, largely due to the loose yet focused musicianship.”1“Miscellaneous Debris.” En.Wikipedia.Org, 2018,

Miscellaneous Debris EP:
released: March 12, 1992

  • 1. "Intruder" (Peter Gabriel)
  • 2. "Making Plans for Nigel" (XTC)
  • 3. "Sinister Exaggerator" (The Residents)
  • 4. "Tippi Toes" (The Meters)
  • 5. "Have a Cigar" (Pink Floyd)
single from Miscellaneous Debri:
  • "Making Plans for Nigel"
  • Les Claypool – six-string fretless bass, kazoo, vocals
  • Larry "Ler" LaLonde – guitar
  • Tim "Herb" Alexander – drums

video album Cheesy Home Video:
released: May 12, 1992

Opening sequence from the “Cheesy Home Video”:

compilations and soundtracks:

  • Plan B: the questionable video features Here come the bastards, Tommy the cat.

Roll the Bones Tour (1992)
Zoo TV Tour (1992)


In 1993, Primus released Pork Soda, which managed to debut at No. 7 on the Billboard Top 10. The album was darker than previous Primus efforts, dealing with murder, suicide, and alienation. The band has commented that prior to recording, they had been touring for nearly two solid years and were thus in a somber mood.

“My Name Is Mud”, “DMV”, and “Mr. Krinkle” were singles, the latter made into a video featuring Claypool in a pig suit and tuxedo playing upright bass in an abandoned warehouse as a carnival of oddities parades behind him, including Claypool’s wife and her twin sister.

Claypool said he put his “heart and soul” into the video, but it received next to no airtime on MTV. In an interview with Guitar World magazine, Claypool disparaged the channel’s unwillingness to air the video, saying “it got played like six times.”

Pork Soda was recorded at the band’s rehearsal space in San Rafael. The band would subsequently record all of their albums at Les Claypool’s home studio called Rancho Relaxo.2“Primus (Band).” En.Wikipedia.Org, 2018,

In 1993 Primus band headlined the alternative rock festival Lollapalooza.

studio album Pork Soda:
released: April 20, 1993 (US: Platinum)

  • 1. "Pork Chop's Little Ditty" (instrumental)
  • 2. "My Name Is Mud"
  • 3. "Welcome to This World"
  • 4. "Bob"
  • 5. "DMV"
  • 6. "The Ol' Diamondback Sturgeon (Fisherman's Chronicles, Part 3)"
  • 7. "Nature Boy"
  • 8. "Wounded Knee" (instrumental)
  • 9. "Pork Soda"
  • 10. "The Pressman"
  • 11. "Mr. Krinkle"
  • 12. "The Air Is Getting Slippery"
  • 13. "Hamburger Train" (instrumental)
  • 14. "Pork Chop's Little Ditty" (instrumental)
  • 15. "Hail Santa" (instrumental)
singles from album Pork Soda:
  • "My Name Is Mud"
  • "DMV"
  • "Mr. Krinkle"
  • Les Claypool – Vocals, Bass, Mandolin, Double Bass
  • Larry LaLonde – Guitar, Banjo
  • Tim "Herb" Alexander – Drums, Marimba, Bicycle Bell

music videos 1993:

  • Mr. Krinkle
  • My Name Is Mud video
  • DMV

Mr. Krinkle; My Name Is Mud video; DMV video:

compilations and soundtracks:

  • The Beavis and Butt-head Experience (soundtrack, featuring the original track “Poetry and Prose”)
  • In Defense of Animals (benefit compilation album, featuring “Too Many Puppies”)
  • Lollapalooza ’93 (sampler, featuring a studio version of “Mr. Krinkle”)

“Poetry and Prose”:

Lollapalooza (1993)
Liquid Pig Tour (1993)

Platinum Album (Album Pork Soda)

Primus – White Zombie – Penn and Teller – 1993 – MTV Haunted House Party
Another from the Clownsec Vault! Filmed to a classic VHS in 1993 this one contains a lot of famous faces and includes performances by Primus, White Zombie, and even performances by the always annoyingly entertaining Penn And Teller! Enjoy


Primus band they also made an appearance at the Woodstock ’94 Music Festival. They were pelted with mud while they performed “My Name Is Mud”. About a minute into the song the band stopped playing and Claypool said, “Well I opened a big-ass can of worms with that one, didn’t I? The song is called ‘My Name Is Mud’, but keep the mud to yourselves you son-of-a-bitch.”

compilations and soundtracks:

  • Airheads (soundtrack, featuring the original track “Bastardizing Jellikit”)
  • Brainscan (soundtrack, featuring “Welcome to This World”)
  • Caroline Records 1994 Sampler (promo for Caroline Records, featuring “John the Fisherman”)
  • Woodstock 1994 (live album, featuring “Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers”)

Jellikit (Studio Version)
Welcome to this World (music & images from Brainscan)Full Concert – Woodstock 94 (official):


Sausage: Jay Lane, Todd Huth, Les Claypool

In 1994, Claypool, Huth, and Lane reunited to record the album Riddles Are Abound Tonight under the name Sausage, inspired by the demo they had recorded together in 1988. The album was released in April 1994 by Prawn Song Records, a vanity label owned by Claypool and subsidiary of Interscope Records, and was supported by a short tour during which the band opened for Helmet and Rollins Band.


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