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folk punk > 1980s > celtic punk

celtic punk:
stylistic origins: punk rock / electric folk / folk punk / celtic music / celtic rock
cultural origins: 1980s, London, England: Irish folk and punk rock scenes

The typical Celtic punk band includes a rock instrumentation as well as traditional instruments such as bagpipes, fiddle, tin whistle, accordion, mandolin, and banjo. Like a Celtic rock, Celtic punk is a form of Celtic fusion. The term Celtic punk is usually used to describe bands who base their music in Irish or Scottish traditional music. It is considered part of the broader folk punk genre, but that term tends to be used for bands that use English, American and other forms of folk music as inspiration.

regional scenes: London, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, United States, Serbia

celtic punk bands:

Flogging Molly – Drunken LullabiesI’m Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick MurphysOrthodox Celts – Star Of The County Down:

scottish gaelic punk

scottish gaelic punk:

stylistic origins: punk rock / celtic rock / gaelic language / anarcho-punk
cultural origins: Scotland, The United States

Scottish Gaelic Punk is a subgenre of punk rock in which bands sing some or all of their music in Scottish Gaelic. The Gaelic punk scene is, in part, an affirmation of the value of minority languages and cultures. Gaelic punk bands express political views, particularly those related to anarchism and environmentalism.

scottish gaelic punk band:

Mill a h-Uile Rud – SteòrnabhaghOi Polloi – Ar Ceol Ar Canan:


derivative forms: gaelic language indie rock
fusion genres: anarcho-punk


folk punk > mid 1980s > anti-folk 

anti-folk  (antifolk or unfolk):
stylistic origins: folk music / punk rock / avant-garde / folk punk
cultural origins: mid 1980s, United States

Anti-folk  (antifolk or unfolk) is a music genre that seeks to subvert the earnestness of politically charged 1960s folk music. The defining characteristics of this anti-folk are difficult to identify, as they vary from one artist to the next. Nonetheless, the music tends to sound raw, post-something or experimental; it also generally mocks perceived seriousness and pretension in the established mainstream music scene. Artists of the anti-folk genre tend to often observe the “rules” of music, but then, suddenly, they deliberately break them.

From wordiQ:
Anti-folk had its roots in punk rock and is still considered by some to be an active subgenre within that scene. By a loose definition, Anti-folk combines the raw, abrasive, and frequently politically charged attitudes of the punk scene with the sounds of American folk tradition.

anti-folk bands:

Roger Manning, NYC – vintage video 1988; Jeffrey Lewis – The Last Time I Did Acid I Went InsaneAdam Boucher – A Farewell To Harrington:


1980s > skate punk

skate punk (skate rock, skatecore or skate-thrash):
stylistic origins: punk rock / hardcore punk / surf music / melodic hardcore / skateboarding / nardcore
cultural origins: 1980s, United States

All music: Skatepunk was originally a derivative of hardcore punk, so named because of its popularity among skateboarders. It can be difficult for outsiders to pin down exactly what makes a particular band skatepunk, but there are a few strong tendencies. Skatepunk tends to be especially high-energy, even for the genre it comes from; that usually means even faster tempos and thrashier guitars. Skatepunk also tends to have a sense of humor, mostly of the smartass variety — because, after all, it’s used as a soundtrack for fun. The exact sound of skatepunk has shifted over the years with punk itself, from hardcore in the ’80s to revivalist punk-pop in the ’90s.

Some skate punk bands play other genres of music; pop punk, funk metal, and hardcore punk are genres that are noted for being played by some skate punk bands. Some skate punk bands, including NOFX and The Suicide Machines, also play ska punk. Some skate punk bands, including Cryptic Slaughter, Suicidal Tendencies and Excel, also play thrash metal and crossover thrash.
Rolling Stone described skate punk as “a sort of pop hardcore”.

skate punk bands:

The Offspring – All I Want; NOFX- separation of church and skate; The Faction – Lets Go Get Cokes:

1980s > trallpunk

stylistic origins: punk rock / melodic hardcore
cultural origins: 1980s, Swedish punk rock scene

Trallpunk (Swedish; roughly translates to ‘melodious punk’) is a subgenre of punk music specially developed in Sweden. It is known for its fast drums, a melodic sound, and often politically oriented lyrics. Generally, Asta Kask and Strebers are considered to be the first trallpunk bands,[citation needed] but opinions diverge on the matter. During the 1990s, trallpunk saw increased popularity, particularly due to the club Kafé 44 in Stockholm and the band De Lyckliga Kompisarna (The Happy Friends).

Today, trallpunk is represented through bands such as Varnagel, Slutstation Tjernobyl, Greta Kassler, and De Lyckliga Kompisarna. Internationally, bands like Rasta Knast and Takahashi Gumi are examples.

trallpunk bands:

Asta Kask- Politisk tortyrStrebers – HögervindarDe Lyckliga Kompisarna – Rysk Bompa:



1980s > afro-punk

afro-punk (afropunk or AfroPunk):

Afro-punk refers to the participation of African Americans and other black people in the punk and alternative music cultures, especially in the United States, where this scene had been overwhelmingly white.

Notable bands that can be linked to the Afro-punk community include Death, Pure Hell, Bad Brains, Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Kennedys, Fishbone, Wesley Willis Fiasco, Suffrajett, The Templars, Unlocking the Truth Rough Francis …    more

see more: afro-punk genre, bands …movie + playlist

late 1980s > garage punk

garage punk:
stylistic origins: garage rock / proto-punk / punk rock
cultural origins: 1960s, United States

Garage punk is punk rock heavily influenced by garage rock. Other influences include soul music, beat music, surf rock, power pop and psychedelic rock. Often it uses lo-fi aesthetics over catchy melodies. Examples of garage punk bands include New Bomb Turks, Mudhoney, Foxboro Hot Tubs and the Hives.

garage punk bands:

The Hives – Hate to Say I Told You So; The Oblivians – Feel All RightReatards – I Gotta RockNRoll:

peace punk

peace punk:

Subgenre of punk rock with anti-war lyrics. The lyrics advocate nonviolence and also often equality, freedom, animal liberation, veganism, ecology, human right, and anarchy. The lyrics are against racism, sexism, homophobia, war, poverty, capitalism, the government and the military. Most peace punk bands are also anarcho-punk bands. Examples of peace punk bands include Crass and Flux of Pink Indians.

Crass – Punk Is DeadFlux of Pink Indians — Progress; Poison Girls – The Offending Article:


early 1990s > riot grrrl

riot grrrl:
stylistic origins: musical: hardcore punk / punk rock / girl groups / grunge / alternative rock
ideological: third-wave feminism / punk ideologies / queer theory
cultural origins: early 1990s, Pacific Northwest and Washington, US

Riot grrrl is an underground feminist punk movement that originated in the early 1990s in Washington state and the greater Pacific Northwest.

It is a subcultural movement that combines feminist consciousness and punk style and politics. It has also been described as a musical genre that came out of the indie rock.

Riot grrrl bands often address issues such as rape, domestic abuse, sexuality, racism, patriarchy, and female empowerment. Primary bands associated with the movement include Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Heavens to Betsy, Excuse 17, Huggy Bear, Skinned Teen, Emily’s Sassy Lime and Sleater-Kinney, as well as queercore groups like Team Dresch and The Third Sex.

riot grrrl bands:

The Lunachicks – Say What You Mean; Bikini Kill – Rebel GirlTeam Dresch – Personal Best:



punk rock subgenres

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